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How to get started with JavaRush: course guide

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Otzhe, you have broken the stats with a Java retailer. Once again, I’ll say more verbally: “Why start?” In these articles, we will tell you about those, how to start programming from scratch all at once with CodeGym. As a special feature of the course, at some stage, the training was divided by such divisions to the site, so that your training was as effective as possible. How to get started with CodeGym: course guide - 1


CodeGym: a Java course with an emphasis on practice

1. 1. Learning in game format

The CodeGym course is similar to a computer game. Vіn subdivisions on chotiri quest, in skin z yakіh є main topic. For example, Java Syntax is the first quest: learning the basic syntax of Java. At your own hand, the skin quest consists of ten rubles (we will cover the cob quest: in the new type 10 to 21 rubles, fallow in your cob knowledge at the programmer). You need to go through them sequentially. Rivnі mіstat lectures and tasks of different complexity. To move on to the next day, you need to complete more tasks on the production line, even if successful, the result will give you a lot of “dark matter”. Zavdyaki nіy can vіdkrivati ​​nadkrivatnі lectures and problems.

2. Practice programming first

Practice in the course is composed of tasks of a different format. The stench is arguing for the chronology:
  • Part of the tasks - on the consolidation of theoretical material from streaming lectures.

  • One more part - on the repetition of the theory from the forward equal to the course.

  • I nareshti - “tasks from the future”: tied from the materials of the upcoming rivniv. Same way. We crushed the price of navmisne.

    Do you want to solve the problem all at once, but you don't get knowledge? Google it :) It's super-correct for a programmer. Do you want to read in sequence? Let the task go back to it after you go through a couple more equals and you know the theory you need in the course.

For the scale and equal complexity:
  • Drukuvannya code - a task for pochatkіvtsіv. If a future programmer just needs to train his hand and read the code. Therefore, in such tasks, you need to “write off” a little more.

  • Parsing someone else's code and asking for pardons. We think you understand what the language is about. Such tasks are also in the course.

  • Written free code for vikonannya low to the task.

  • Bonus tasks. This is the task of promoting consistency for independent learning, which will help you develop algorithmic thoughts.

  • Miniprojects. Tse tasks, subdivided into dekilka subtasks. Step by step, you will create great folding programs. For example, Gru “Sokoban” or online chat. Such tasks are presented after you complete half of the course.

  • Video. Inkoli korisno bridge your respect for other activities. We were taken to CodeGym for distribution of a video about IT specialists.

There are so many tasks that you simply cannot help but become a programmer, so you will complete the course to the end!

3. Checking the result and tools for updating your code

The most important feature of CodeGym, which is similar to the course of improving other online programs, is the automatic mitteva rechecking of tasks, suggestions and recommendations for their solutions. With CodeGym, you don't need to check for a long time until the wizard interprets your solution to the problem: you press one button - and you accept the result of that recommendation, which seems to be wrong with the solution.

4. Help with the most important tasks

Programming cannot be taught by self-control in the ocean of information. You need to speak up. For whom on CodeGym є distributed “Help”. As if you were “hung up” for a long time on this task, otherwise you can’t comprehend a collapsible topic, put the food in your mind. You will be assisted by some students, retailers or administrators. And also, if you see that it’s already in the building, you’d better come in at the Dopomog branch and give tips to other students. After completing the course, the student will take 300-500 years of real programming! This course is also a good tool for those who have already learned the programming for the first time, but do not know what to improve in knowledge and how to start researching the work. Okrim practice pіd hour navchannya on kursі you can razіbratisya іz the broadest nutrition zі spіvbesіd, as well as issue a cool resume.

Learning platforms: website and mobile app

You have two options for learning the basics of Java programming with CodeGym: the mobile Android app or the web version of the course. And in the meantime, the third way: read on the site, and in the zastosunka :) More details about this are discussed in this material .

Steps of the course

The main CodeGym course allows you to deeply learn the basics of Java programming (Java Core), and the internship will help you learn more about folding technologies. Therefore, the introduction to CodeGym can be divided into two main parts.

Stage 1: completing some quests in the course

Development of Java Core and completion of 1200 tasks with automatic revision. What is in the know?
  • Short theoretical lectures with life examples;
  • Tasks, mini-projects;
  • Motivational lectures (revealing the rive) and videos that will help you save yourself for those who need to complete the course to the end;
  • Testing with Java theory (on cobs).

How do you get started?

Zero rіven — let's get to know each other with the world of CodeGym and our initial method. Tasks are announced from the first level, and you can solve them on the website. On the third level, there is a special occupation dedicated to the installation of IntelliJ IDEA - a popular middleware for development, like a victorious Java program. By installing the CodeGym plugin, you can solve tasks not only from the web version, but also on your PC. It will be especially dramatic on the upcoming levels of the course, on some large-scale tasks, and on the other half of the course - mini-projects, bonus tasks. If you reach 35 rubles of apprenticeship, you can sign up for an online internship .

Stage 2: online internship

Over the course of many months, students will learn important principles and technologies for the future Java retailer under the supervision of an experienced mentor. For an hour of internship, you will write 8 cool projects for your portfolio: from gor to zastosunkiv on kshtalt to-do list and boards for robots with tasks like Jira. For these projects, you can remove the reference as a mentor and you can add them to your GitHub portfolio. Another bonus of online internships with CodeGym is to help our career center prepare you for the first job. You take recommendations from career experts on how to write a resume, motivational sheets, how to go through interviews, how to work, how to get a good job offer. Recruitment for an internship is required.

Codes split CodeGym

The initial course is the best! Complete yoga as a whole and become a cool Java retailer! Tasks — 1200 practical tasks. You can rozv'azuvat okremo in the course, but the prote will be available only t, to which you already got away from the navchann. Detailed information about the “Tasks” division is in this video . Help is a collective mind of students and specialists of CodeGym. Put the food on either Java theory or tasks - and you will be promptly assisted. About the best ability to distribute “Help” is discussed here . Articles— divided how to avenge posts from groups of various topics. We created them to discuss our project and everything that is related to the sciences - theory, tasks, food for scientific discussions. Come to the group, as they are given to you, read the articles from graduates, students and editors of CodeGym, publish relevant articles, so you can say something! The history of success is a special group, in which students and graduates of CodeGym tell about those who were able to praise Java and rule over the work. Games— he made projects from writing simple, ale tsikavih igor: “Snakes”, “2048”, car ferries with shift codes, space shooters. All projects are divided into subtasks, so it is necessary to follow them sequentially. Projects have different levels of complexity. So, students who have passed 5 rubles in the course, and so, where do you need knowledge of 10+ rubles. Video - on our YouTube channel you will find video tutorials by students of CodeGym, short instructions, translate the best foreign lectures from programming and much more.

Dealing with the CodeGym team

If you want to know the course, you can put it on the list at or in the chat on the site. We also communicate with students in social networks:
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