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Where to go to work in Vladivostok?

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According to statistics we have collected over the years of the project’s existence, JavaRush students begin to actively think about future work approximately in the middle of the course. If you've already reached this point, you'll probably be interested in this short list of IT companies. In the article, we tried to provide information about companies that may be of interest to potential employees, in particular, the requirements for developers (in our case, Java). Didn't we include some cool grocery or outsourcing company from Vladivostok on the list? Leave comments! Where to go to work in Vladivostok?  - 1


This company deals with electronic payment systems. Authorized partner of Visa and MasterCard. CardPay was founded in Vladivostok in 2008. The staff is not very large, but it won’t be boring: as they write in the company’s profile, the number of tasks is always more than there are free hands, so CardPay management is interested in employees being able to try themselves in a new capacity. In 2017, the company opened another Russian office with developers - in Novosibirsk.
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Type: food company. Website: Page on HH: Who they are looking for: Java, DevOps, Frontend (JavaScript + frameworks), QA, C#. What is expected from Java developers (Middle/Senior, according to vacancies):
  • higher technical education;
  • 3 years of work experience;
  • knowledge of OOP principles and theoretical foundations for the development of relational databases;
  • experience with Java core (collections, jdbc, io);
  • Confident knowledge of Java, J2EE (JSP, Servlets), Web services;
  • knowledge of Spring frameworks;
  • Experience with Maven and Git;
  • knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • Experience working with databases (preferably Oracle or Postgres);
  • knowledge of SQL;
  • Experience in developing web applications and web services;
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks (preferably AngualarJS, ReactJS, ExtJS, JQuery);
  • English at the level of reading technical documentation.
It will be a plus:
  • RabbitMQ, ExtJS, MyBatis, JAX-RS, Jasper Reports Server, banking experience.
Communication with people, courses, internships: the company’s profile says that CardPay gives beginners the opportunity to prove themselves and provides attractive conditions for a paid internship with a mentor. We did not find the internship conditions on the site, however, if, when that very moment comes, you correctly fill out the form on the site and ask, you will not be charged. Other cities and countries: in addition to the office in Vladivostok, programmers also work in Novosibirsk and the company headquarters in Cyprus (Limassol). There are also employees in Canada and China. Conditions: no dress code, flexible schedule, English language. Number of employees: 70+.

Peter Service

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Peter-Service is the largest Russian developer of billing systems for mobile operators. In addition, it is the oldest company in the industry. According to the company's management, in modern Russia, almost every telephone call occurs with the participation of software created by Peter Service. Website: Page on HH: Page on Habr: Who are they looking for: Java, DevOps, Frontend (JavaScript + frameworks), QA, Oracle PL/SQL. What the company expects from a trainee programmer: Peter-Service hires trainees for training, so the requirements for the depth of their programming skills are not too high. However, the trainee must:
  • be a third-year student or older, or a graduate of a technical university;
  • must know one, or better yet, several programming languages ​​at least at a basic level (this gives a serious advantage during selection);
  • have a broad outlook in the IT field;
  • have a “living” mind;
  • have the ability to learn quickly and love to solve non-standard problems.
What is expected from Java developers (Middle/Senior, according to vacancies):
  • Java development experience of at least 2 years;
  • JSON, XML, Spring, Maven;
  • understanding of the REST architectural style;
  • good knowledge of OOP and basic design patterns;
  • understanding of the processes of working with version control systems;
  • experience in developing three-tier applications, distributed applications;
  • higher technical education;
  • English (reading).
  • knowledge of tools for collective development and assembly of projects (GIT, SVN, Maven, Jira, TeamCity, Jenkins, etc.);
  • experience in log analysis is desirable: Elastic Search + Logstash + Kibana;
  • basic knowledge of Oracle
Other cities and countries: the company's main office is located in St. Petersburg, which is easy to guess by reading its name. In addition to offices in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok, programmers work in Moscow, Samara, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The company also operates in Kyiv (Ukraine). Employees can be relocated to other offices. Communication with people, courses, internships: yes, Peter-Service quite often hires beginning programmers, and also periodically conducts internships in different cities. In particular, summer internships for students. Number of employees: 1100+.

Game Forest

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This small studio has been making games for 12 years in a row. Mainly mobile, but also for the web. So if you code and also love to game, perhaps you should submit your resume to Game Forest? True, at present we have not noticed any vacancies for Javaists among these guys, but since they develop for Android, it is quite possible that such vacancies will appear. Game Forest independently developed the Citrus technology, which allows you to make games for all major platforms on the market at once. In addition to games, the Game Forest studio develops interactive projects of any complexity. Type: food company. Website: Who they are looking for: Android, iOS, C++, Lua, Delphi. What are expected from developers: in addition to knowledge of languages, the guys expect that their future employees already have experience in developing software products, get along well with the team and are not afraid to disassemble other people's code. Other cities and countries: no, only Vladivostok. Conditions: modern workplace, enthusiastic team, the company helps out-of-town talents with relocation Number of employees: no data.


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Although it is not entirely correct to indicate in this list a company whose main activity is not IT at all, but retail, in reality everything is not so simple. Firstly, Yulmart’s IT department is quite large, and secondly, it is developing a huge e-commerce platform and more. So there is plenty of work for programmers at Yulmart. Website: Page on HH: Who they are looking for: Java, JavaScript, QA, MDX and MS SQL What is expected from Java developers (Middle/Senior, according to vacancies ):
  • higher technical education;
  • 3+ years of experience developing commercial server applications in Java (JavaEE, JavaSE);
  • Confident knowledge of OOP/OOD ( SOLID ), design patterns (GoF, etc), UML;
  • deep understanding of the Java platform (collections, concurrency, generics, exceptions, i/o, etc);
  • the ability to optimize and refactor both your own and other people’s code;
  • understanding of the principles of scaling and building distributed systems;
  • understanding of TCP/IP network protocols and basic principles of networking;
  • Experience in developing unit tests and integration tests;
  • Experience working with versioning systems and bug tracking systems;
  • Experience with build automation systems (maven/gradle, etc);
  • experience with DBMS;
  • English language sufficient to read documentation and conduct technical correspondence;
  • Experience with Unix/Linux at the user level.
Other cities and countries: Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Krasnodar, Tomsk, Omsk, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl. Conditions: flexible work schedule starting from 8:00 to 11:00. Number of employees: 5360.

Rhonda Software

Where to go to work in Vladivostok?  - 6
Rhonda Software is engaged in high technology, in particular the development of computer vision systems. The company produces built-in software for video cameras with the implementation of algorithms for improving the quality of footage. Among its developments are a hardware and software platform for video recording, embedded software for various devices, such as photo and video equipment, communication equipment, video analytics, web applications and cloud services. The company also automates the process of software development and testing. Website: Who they are looking for: at the time of writing, the company had no open vacancies, but the technology stack indicated the following: C#, Java, Delphi, JScript, Perl, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, ASP, HTML, XML, WML, Python, Shell, GWT, AWK/GAWK, LISP, CSS, AJAX What is expected from Java developers (Middle, according to vacancies):
  • experience in developing and supporting network and web services (REST) ​​in projects;
  • mastery of the Maven build system;
  • understanding what Thread dump is and how to read it;
  • Experience with IoC framework (Spring), version control systems, databases and queuing systems;
  • knowledge of console Linux at the advanced user level and experience working via SSH;
  • ability to read Hip-dumps and diagnose memory leaks;
  • experience in multi-threaded software development (java.util.concurrent package). It is necessary to understand how Atomic differs from volatile, what Deadlock and race conditions are, and how to avoid them;
  • experience in code testing (JUnit/TestNG);
  • fluent reading of English-language technical documentation;
  • desire to develop, learn new technologies;
  • independence, responsibility for your project.
It will be a plus:
  • Confident knowledge of Java version 8, including the standard library;
  • own projects on GitHub (send us links);
  • participation in open source projects;
  • understanding the HotSpot JVM memory model;
  • understanding of multiplexing principles and working with network sockets in non-blocking mode;
  • Experience with distributed databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.);
  • basic experience with vagrant or docker;
  • Experience working in a team, using bug-tracking systems;
  • understanding of the principles of distributed systems development.
Number of employees: 120


Where to go to work in Vladivostok?  - 7
The largest Internet company in the Far East with hundreds of projects and a million users daily. The company is looking for like-minded people, so it is ready to take on enthusiastic newcomers. Challenging and interesting tasks. Very difficult and very interesting tasks. Work with tangible results. Type: food company. Website: Page on HH: Who they are looking for: Java, Android What is expected from Java developers (Middle, according to vacancies):
  • knowledge of Java 8 and related technologies (Spring, Hibernate, Junit, etc.);
  • knowledge of other programming languages ​​will be a plus (C# / PHP / C++, etc.);
  • knowledge of front-end technologies (JS, HTML, CSS);
  • knowledge of OOP principles and the ability to apply them in practice;
  • Experience with version control systems (TFS, GIT, SVN, etc.) is desirable;
  • Linux skills at the user level;
  • experience with modern DBMS (Postgres, MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, etc.);
  • ability to write and optimize SQL queries.
Preferred, but not required:
  • knowledge of patterns (decorator, seagleton, etc.) and the ability to apply them in practice;
  • availability of completed projects.
Other cities and countries: only Vladivostok Conditions: no dress code, no strict hierarchy of bosses. Number of employees: no data.

Kaspersky Lab

Where to go to work in Vladivostok?  - 8
You probably know this company well, and most likely, you have personally encountered its opus magnum at least once. If you are interested in the information security industry and want to save the world from cyber threats every day, you can try to get one of the positions offered by the company. In addition, the company has a lot of educational initiatives, internships and other joys. Another thing is that the selection for them is very tough. And yes, higher education to work at Kaspersky Lab is a matter of principle. Often a company opens vacancies for “virus analysts” who must also be able to program. Website: Page on HH: Page on Habr: Who they are looking for: virus analysts. Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL What is expected from Java developers (Middle, according to vacancies):
  • good knowledge of Java;
  • knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures;
  • experience in developing cross-platform applications;
  • practice of testing written code;
  • skill to work in team;
  • experience in developing plugins for Eclipse;
  • ability to work with cross-tool chains;
  • knowledge of C/C++;
  • experience in programming in scripting languages ​​(shell, python, perl, ruby);
  • experience in writing build scripts (make, autotools, cmake, scons);
  • Experience in preparing software packages (apt, rpm, nsis, pkg).
Communication with people, courses, internships: For higher educational institutions that train IT specialists, the company has developed a special program - Kaspersky Academy. If you are still studying at the university, and you have a desire to become a technical specialist within the “Laboratory”, then opportunities are open for you to gain valuable experience through the Safeboard internship program: If you want to develop into a business -divisions, then recruitment is open for current intern vacancies: If you would like to undergo an unpaid short-term internship, then this is also possible. You need to create a resume and send it to


Where to go to work in Vladivostok?  - 9
This small company is engaged in a big and serious matter - the development of a single specialized software (SPO "ISTOK-SM") for the automation of duty and dispatch emergency services of any departmental affiliation, unified duty and dispatch services of municipalities, the creation of system-112 and AIC "Safe" city". Next-Technology is not very active in the public sphere and does not look for employees very often. However, we couldn’t help but mention it on this list, and what if, someday... Type: food company. Website: Who they are looking for: unknown. Other cities and countries: Vladivostok only. Number of employees: 50.


Where to go to work in Vladivostok?  - 10
The agro-industrial company EFKO is interested in the IT sector, and is currently preparing, together with the Biryuch innovation center, to implement a unique engineering project related to the development of artificial intelligence. Therefore, EFKO is looking for a lot of IT specialists, including in Vladivostok. True, since the company does not have an office in Vladivostok, most likely we are talking about moving to the Belgorod region. Website: Company page on HH: Who they are looking for: Java, C, C#, Java, MS SQL What is expected from Java developers (Middle , according to vacancies):
  • higher specialized education (Information security of automated systems, Information systems and technologies, Mechatronics and robotics, Informatics and computer technology, Automated management of business processes and finances, etc.);
  • knowledge of programming languages: C#, Java, MS SQL (preferred);
  • knowledge of standards, methodology and tools for describing business processes is desirable;
  • activity and determination;
  • desire to work and earn money;
  • high demands on oneself and one’s results;
  • ambitions to participate in breakthrough projects and solve non-trivial problems.
Number of employees: no data.