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Video weekend #112. We find out what awaits a Java developer during the probationary period, listen to advice on passing an interview, write an effective resume and remember what a programmer is absolutely not allowed to do at work

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Java developer. Probation

Not long ago, Java developer Max Panteleev completed a probationary period in his first IT company and began performing professional duties on a permanent basis. Today Max will share his impressions of passing the probationary period. After watching this video, you will receive several recommendations that are extremely useful for every novice developer.

Don't do this in an interview!

Regardless of the level of technical training, a programmer can make mistakes during an interview that can greatly affect the overall impression of the candidate. Developer and blogger Artem Dimitrov will talk about how to prevent such mistakes during an interview. The tips outlined in Artem’s video will be useful to any IT specialist - both beginners and experienced specialists.

Programmer's first resume. What to write if you have no experience?

Artem Timchuk wants to share with the viewers of his channel several ideas about how a programmer should write a resume when applying for a job. The author of the video considers these tips to be effective, because at one time they helped him find his first job in IT. Since Artem’s career is going quite successfully and he is now working as a front-end team lead, his recommendations are worth hearing for those who are still finding it difficult to write an effective resume. In the description below the video there are links to several services for creating an online resume and a sample video about self-presentation.

What a programmer should not do (but really want to!)

Alexey Korepanov has collected a number of rules that a developer must follow in his profession. Unlike other videos, here you will learn not about what to do, but about prohibitions - what a programmer should absolutely avoid at work. How you can’t fix bugs, how you shouldn’t change formatting, and why you shouldn’t use work time for personal purposes - you’ll learn about all this and much more by spending just 17 minutes watching the video.