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Video Weekend #115. Comparing Java 11 and Java 17, writing our first REST API, discussing salary increases for developers

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Comparison of Java 11 vs 17 LTS

According to JRebel, a significant part of Java developers are still working on the basis of Java 8. However, among versions with long-term support, the popularity of the latest builds is steadily growing: Java 11 and Java 17. In his video, the author of the “IT as a Constructor” channel examines in detail the differences between Java 11 and Java 17, along the way explaining all the features added to the intermediate versions, starting with Java 12. The video will certainly be of interest to anyone planning a transition from Java 8 to a more modern version of the language.

How my salary as a programmer grew

Alexander Ilyin from Yekaterinburg has been working as a programmer for just over three years. During this time, he managed not only to improve his technical skills, but also to significantly increase his salary. Today he will tell you what helped him in this and how exactly he passed the interviews. The video provides exact income figures for each of the positions in which Alexander worked.

How do cool developers write REST APIs?

By providing communication between the application/site and the server, REST API serves an extremely important function in development. Therefore, every programmer working in this area, sooner or later, is faced with the need to write or support a REST API in his project. The author of the Jetbulb channel explained in his video how to write a simple REST API, what practices should be used when writing, how to create URL mapping to a resource, and what you need to pay special attention to when working with this technology.