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Video weekend #133. We solve the problem of an interview for a Java developer, analyze the principles of SOLID, learn from coding competitions and repeat quick sort in Java

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Interview task for a Java developer. Route from the list of cities

This is a test task from an interview for a Java developer position. The conditions of the problem require writing a program with a route that includes visiting all cities from a given list. The author of the video explains in detail his actions to find a solution to the task; a link to the code is attached in the description under the video. The task is designed to understand data structures and time dependencies.

Five SOLID Principles with Examples in Java

The SOLID principles are the five basic guidelines of object-oriented programming that you should follow when working with code. In today's Selfedu video, you'll learn what each SOLID principle is and how you can apply them practically in the Java language.

Coding competition and what it taught me

Why should you participate in programming competitions? Russian-Dutch developer Alexey Korepanov shared his opinion on this matter. He talks about the history of his personal participation in such a competition and what this experience taught him. Alexey also gives a number of tips that may be useful to anyone who is going to test their strength in a coding competition.

Quicksort in Java

Since Quicksort is the default sorting method in the Java language, it is a must-have for every developer. The Enlite channel has a video that will help you better understand how quick sort works. Several examples with explanations are shown for this purpose.