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Java Junior level vacancies in Novosibirsk 01/04/18

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It is in winter that we most often make our deepest wishes and begin to make the most important plans. It just so happens that most of the holidays associated with the mysterious world of human imagination fall during this “fairy-tale” period of the year. Well, we want to help the desires of future programmers get out of this mysterious world. To put it simply, bring it to life. Therefore, we are constantly working to improve JavaRush, and sometimes we are looking for interesting vacancies for our students!
Java Junior level vacancies in Novosibirsk 01/04/18 - 1

Junior Java Developer for Jar Soft

Jar Soft is looking for a full-time Java developer who can become an active member of the team.
Java Junior level vacancies in Novosibirsk 01/04/18 - 2
Jar Soft develops high-load web systems on the Java platform.


  • good knowledge of Java SE: Exceptions, IO, Collections, OOP, Concurrency;
  • Experience in writing web applications using modern development platforms ( Spring Framework , etc.) will be a big plus;
  • It is necessary to have an understanding of such words as Jira, Git;
  • Basic knowledge of SQL required;
  • technical English at the level of writing documentation and correspondence;
  • willingness to continuously study according to a predetermined program and spend a lot of free time on this outside of working hours;
  • readiness to complete the test task.


  • Experience in commercial development from 0.5 years, but motivated candidates without experience are also considered.
The company offers work in a stable company, paid leave, a friendly and democratic atmosphere, a good office with coffee, tea and cookies. Link:

Junior Java developer for Softaria

The Softaria company has opened a vacancy for the position of Junior Java Developer only for senior students or graduates of Novosibirsk State University and Novosibirsk State Technical University .
Java Junior level vacancies in Novosibirsk 01/04/18 - 3
The company specializes in creating high-load systems with a web interface. Main industries:
  • E-learning, Intelligent tutoring system;
  • financial sector;
  • Massively multiplayer online games.
The company is engaged in custom development and has a direction that creates its own products in the field of games.


  • learn how to make online business systems (java-spring framework-JPA-web);
  • grow into a full-fledged developer in a year or less.


  • knowledge of java and programming basics;
  • desire to learn;
  • accuracy;
  • responsibility;
  • ability to work at least 100 hours per month.

Junior Java developer for Intabia

The Intabiya company is looking for a Junior level Java developer who knows how to work for results and achieve their goals. Senior students without commercial work experience will also be considered .
Java Junior level vacancies in Novosibirsk 01/04/18 - 4
Intabiya develops custom software and creates solutions aimed at business development.


  • desire to develop professionally and improve technical skills;
  • willingness to overcome difficulties and learn new things;
  • presence of strong motivation;
  • the ability to clearly and clearly formulate thoughts and openly express one’s position.

It will be a plus:

  • knowledge of Spring Hibernate\JPA technologies;
  • experience with web services (JAX-RS JAX-WS);
  • knowledge of one of the technologies/tools: jsp vaadin jsf gwt wicket;
  • experience with relational DBMS: MySQL Postgres Oracle;
  • experience in automating project environments using DevOps tools: Vagrant Docker Puppet Ansible;
  • experience with JS frameworks: Angular/Angular2 Knockout JS Durandal, etc.;
  • experience in participating in the development of clustered high-load fault-tolerant systems;
  • experience in conducting load tests, application optimization;
  • experience with version control system: Git Mercurial;
  • administration/working skills with Linux systems.


  • development of high-load fault-tolerant (24x7) software and integration systems for medium and large businesses;
  • support and modification of existing system modules;
  • writing integration and unit tests, quality control.
The company provides official employment, salary review every 3 months, a comfortable working atmosphere, internal training, payment for certification in specialized areas, payment for parking, sports activities, as well as search and payment for rent of an apartment for out-of-town candidates. Link: