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Artem Murk
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Post of gratitude and impressions from the book "Spring in Action"

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Spring in the Dnieper did not go well, there were constant rains and colds, but a book on Spring arrived just in time. Once again I want to thank the administration for the book, without you I would have nothing to read while sipping coffee in a cozy chair. I’m glad that the Administration took care of all the work related to shipping and payment. I didn't even have to pay for shipping! Led from start to finish
Post of gratitude and impressions of the book

Book Review

The book arrived neatly packaged and sealed in corrugated cardboard. Unable to resist, I immediately printed it at Nova Poshta and saw a brick of 700 pages. Completely new, as if it came out of a typewriter yesterday. An unpleasant feature immediately struck me: the cover for the book was not solid (after using it a couple of times, it began to bend as a result and typical notches appeared on the bottom). Of course, this format could have been made into a hard cover. The book itself is written in a very clear and accessible language, with many examples. I finally understood why this book, and indeed the entire series of books, has such a strange cover. Of course, most translated books suffer from the quality of the translation; after reading 120 pages in one gulp, I didn’t notice this, praise the translators that they did not translate some parts, and if they did translate, they left the original title as footnotes (for example, Singletone). Of the minuses, I also want to note the design of the code. Some kind of small translucent font, but this is most likely a subjective opinion.
Post of gratitude and impressions of the book
In terms of the table of contents and the use of technology, the Russian edition made a “knight’s move” and included some chapters from the second edition in the third. It explained this by the fact that the author in the third edition refers to the second edition. A third of the book is devoted to DEpendency Injection , the remaining two thirds review various technologies that come in the main Spring container . Sprung Security , JMS Spring , Web Flow , REST implementation , JDBC connection ... and much more. In my opinion, there is more than enough information for June, and if necessary, you can read Specki to go deeper. Well, in the end, I’m really glad for the effort I spent on participating, even though deep down I realize that it would have been much cheaper for the administration to hire some kind of rewriter for those articles. I hope to become a Java giver soon. Good luck to everyone in their studies, friends. P.S. went to read a book)
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