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Junior vacancies for Kiev residents

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Today in the USA all the deadlines must be on the line, deadlines are missed and plans for the day are ruined - after all, the American Procastinators Club celebrates the day of being late. But it’s unlikely that even the most outstanding members of this club are late for interviews. And we also strongly recommend coming to your scheduled meetings with HR on time. Speaking of interviews, meet the top three new vacancies of the day.
Junior vacancies for Kiev residents - 1
The Provide Support company , which (as the name suggests) develops products for user support and communication with them, is looking for a Junior Java Developer. Responsibilities:
  • development of new functions and modules;
  • integration with third-party systems;
  • TDD, unit and integration testing, ensuring high quality results;
  • design and development of technical solutions;
  • study of project documentation, requirements analysis;
  • participation in status and planning meetings;
  • participation in code review, group work, helping colleagues.
Junior vacancies for Kiev residents - 2
  • higher education in computer or related disciplines;
  • deep knowledge of Java and Java SDK;
  • deep knowledge of data structures and algorithms;
  • knowledge of OOP/OOD (including UML);
  • deep knowledge of software development principles, concepts and patterns;
  • Knowledge of English at the level of fluent reading/writing of technical documentation.
The advantage will be:
  • knowledge of other object-oriented programming languages.
  • Java Technology Stack.
  • remote contract work (independent contractor);
  • flexible work schedule;
  • stable and long-term cooperation;
  • Competitive (corresponding to experience and skills) level of payment.
Link to the vacancy: The Relate Data company , which develops telecommunications and banking solutions for monitoring network performance, cybersecurity and analyzing large amounts of data, is also looking for a Junior Java Developer.
Junior vacancies for Kiev residents - 3
  • developing solutions using the latest frameworks and following the latest trends;
  • development of corporate solutions for monitoring network performance, cyber security and analysis of large data sets for telecoms and banks;
  • creation of products and solutions (not outsourcing);
  • development of new components and features;
  • ability to reuse existing components and libraries;
  • optimization of applications and their performance;
  • be a member of a team and maintain interaction within it;
  • be able to work full time.
  • a higher education diploma in computer or related disciplines or proven work experience (such candidates will be given priority);
  • experience with Java 0.5 - 1 year;
  • knowledge of GNU Linux and distributions based on it;
  • Flexibility, ability to work in a multi-tasking, dynamic environment;
  • good knowledge of English (spoken and written) - the interview will be in English.
The advantage will be:
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails;
  • JSP, Servlets, Spring, GWT and others;
  • Java Script(Node JS,Angular JS);
  • C/C++;
  • BigData technologies (ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Spark, Hive);
  • knowledge of networks and experience with CISCO devices.
  • opportunity to develop in a young and fast-growing company;
  • interesting and complex projects;
  • knowledge Exchange;
  • opportunity for growth;
  • official employment;
  • stable salary payment;
  • high salary (according to test results every three months);
  • young team;
  • modern office;
  • days off on official holidays;
Link to the vacancy: The vacancy of Epam , one of the largest companies engaged in software development and IT consulting, is no less interesting . They are looking for a Junior Fullstack Developer to work on a graphical web application to provide financial services upon user request. The applicant is required to be able to understand existing frameworks, propose improvements and participate in discussions, ensure the required level of development of new functions, and write system/unit tests.
Junior vacancies for Kiev residents - 4
  • participation in meetings with the customer;
  • review of requirements, sprint planning and evaluation of tasks;
  • Application Development;
  • creation of unit/integration tests;
  • sometimes development of automatic UI tests.
  • Java core, Java 8 features - knowledge of OOP/OOD, pattern design;
  • knowledge of unit testing frameworks (JUnit, Mockito etc.);
  • servlets;
  • knowledge of application servers for Java (for example, Tomcat, Resin);
  • Spring framework, basic knowledge of IOC;
  • basic knowledge of SQL, any RDBMS, familiarity with Oracle will be a plus;
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript at the junior intern level, a willingness to work with them and improve your UI skills is required;
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English in order to convey your ideas in a language that everyone can understand.
It will be a plus:
  • TDD, BDD notation - ORM, in particular Hibernate;
  • RESTfull services - experience in virtualization technologies (Docker, Vagrant), experience in Unix administration will be a plus;
  • Maven and Distributed SCM (GIT, Mercurial);
  • Experience in CI tools will be a plus;
Link to the vacancy: