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My employment history as an almost 30 year old family man

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Hi all. Initial data. I am 29 years old, married, have a 3-year-old son, and another flower of life is on the way. Mortgage. I worked as an advertising specialist for the last 4 years, the money was okay, but this job was not at all what I dreamed of doing. All my life I was drawn to the IT field, but somehow fate turned me away from it. At the beginning of 2014, I firmly decided to change my profession in six months and signed up for JR. And so, since September 15, I am a Java Junior Developer. I’ll tell you straight - I left the planned 6 months due to a large number of personal matters; I had 2-3 hours a day for training, in the evening after work. It happened that I didn’t sit down to program for a whole week, and I just felt like I was losing my skill. At the time of the search, there were only 3 vacancies in my city (in one place a Junior was required, in the other two just a Java programmer), in all three cases they rejected me immediately, a week later I called them again, and they scheduled an interview for me (at which they looked more at a person, whether he is ready to learn, whether he understands at all), they mainly asked me general questions about OOP, and what technologies I am familiar with. I also want to say that doing your own thing is cool, you should strive for it. Set a goal and go for it. A little parting word: the sooner you realize what you want to do in life (after all, work is almost 1/3 of life), the easier it is to take this path, but then it will be much harder. PS 1. At the time of employment I reached level 21. 2. Golovach’s courses helped a lot , but they take a lot of time, so I recommend watching only what you would like to be chewed on. 3. Gain knowledge of SVN (GIT) and SQL, at least at a basic level. When you are asked in an interview, you will have something to answer. 4. Once again - DON'T GIVE UP! UDP: I downloaded Golovach’s courses onto my player and watched them mostly on the way to work. CONTINUATION