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Employment history

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Hi all! My name is Anton. I am 26 years old. Married, I have the honor of being a father. I completed all 40 levels and still didn't solve some problems. Somewhere it took 2 years to complete the course. There were long breaks. Employment history - 1Born in Kyiv, studied until the 8th grade, then the family moved to Moscow. He graduated from school in Moscow and entered a Moscow university at the Faculty of Psychology. I received a diploma and worked outside of my specialty (construction/design). I wanted something new. I decided to try programming. It all started with iTunesU on my iPhone. Quite by accident I found a free course on programming methodology (CS106A) from Stanford in English. I watched all the lectures and solved all the assignments. I recommend it to anyone who has good English. is a cool resource for getting practice. Theory without practice is dead, practice without theory is blind. Therefore, in addition to practice, I had to improve my theory. Golovoch’s courses, technopark helped me, I watched the channels of Yakov Fain, Nemchinsky, javabrains, durgasoft on YouTube. Read books. I liked the book Design Patterns from HeadFirst. It seems to me that programming is not about whether you are smart or not, it is about whether you are patient or not :) It so happened that after the Sochi Olympics there were financial problems and my mother-in-law invited me to work in Vologda. I worked there in the medical field. There were no friends in Vologda, so I spent my free time either with my child or with Intellij Idea, solving javarush problems. On weekdays I spent 2-3 hours a day, on weekends, if possible, more. After completing the javarush course, I signed up for an internship. 4-5 weeks into the internship, I went for an interview. It lasted 1.5 hours. I answered 95% of the questions. The questions were about Java Core. Spring, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, git, SQL - they didn’t ask. They asked me to write a code that would display the Fibonacci sequence. They asked me to write my own implementation of a singly linked list. They asked about the SOLID principles . Why is hashcode needed? Can objects have the same hash codes? Lots of questions about exception handling. Will this code compile? Why? How does gc work? Tell us about the methods of the Object class. Questions about concurrency: synchronized, deadlock. How can I start a thread? Pass by reference or by value. And so on. The job offer was made immediately during the interview. By the way, quizfull helped me prepare. Shows gaps, makes you look for information :) At work I plunged into a gigantic amount of new/old technologies that were not asked at the interview :)
  • ANT,Gradle
  • Servlets,JSP
  • Struts
  • JAX-RS(Jersey)
  • Hibernate
  • Git
  • JIRA/Confluence/Stash
  • Jenkins
  • Agile(Scrum)
  • WebSphere
  • OracleDB
I'm sitting and figuring it out. A bit in ah**. I remember when there was a robot battle problem in javarush, I had about the same feelings. But you passed it, so you’ll learn this too. It's a matter of time and motivation. Do you think you know something about JavaEE? No, this is just the tip of the iceberg. At work you are given scuba gear and you dive to explore the entire iceberg. The main thing is not to panic. A journey of 1000 li begins with the first step. Many people are good at starting things, but it takes effort to see things through to completion rather than giving up halfway through. As for money, the standard market price for java-junior is $500-1000 Place of work: Sberbank Technologies Work hard, friends!