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Two years later... (continuation of the "success story")

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Hello everyone!) At the request of the site administration, I am writing a short continuation to my “success story” published almost two years ago “ How I became a programmer, or “Through thorns to the stars” =) “. Two years later... (continuedThere are two main reasons for this:
  • I still believe that it was this resource that played a key role in my “entering IT”)
  • I still believe that motivation is also one of the key factors in this matter, and one of the best motivators are such success stories of real people who were in the same exact situation as you, Javarashite. Because I remember and know from myself that at times they just give up... and many don’t rise again, this is a really difficult path, but it’s worth it)
So, the question is the answer: “How did your life change after you got a new job and how did you feel at that moment?” Well, it has changed, of course)... First of all, of course, the eternal balance of time - money has changed) There has been noticeably more money, and, as a result, time, noticeably less)... In general, I can say that “our daily bread” has finally become enough, but something It’s not possible to save anything anyway) Although I’m sure that if you try a little, you’ll be able to save $200-500 a month (this despite the fact that I’m the only one working in a family of 4 people, my wife has the opportunity to calmly take care of the children). Stability, confidence in the future, or at least some illusion of them has appeared)… “What heights in your career have you already managed to achieve and what other mountains are you planning to move?” Currently I am working in a second company, “Electric Cloud”, five days a week, 18 working days a year vacation (plus all public holidays, of course) The schedule is generally free, you can work from home if you want, but I prefer the office , the environment there is more work-oriented... Most often you can work from about 12 to 19-20. An American company, a product company, a complex product, a huge DevOps tool for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery, something like Jenkins, only much larger, and a purely commercial product. In addition, it is already quite ancient, there is a lot of legacy code, and you need to maintain it, fix bugs, sometimes write new features, so the zoo of technologies is such that mom don’t worry, and you have to deal with everything to a greater or lesser extent, Java8, GWT , JS, PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, Mockito, Maven, Perforce and these are just the main ones... The first few months I saw the light easily, then I somehow got used to it =) Daily Scrum updates (this type of development methodology) , once or twice a week, meetings in the evenings with our American team leader (he is Indian =)) From time to time I look at good vacancies in companies that interest me. Very rarely, but it still happens, I go for interviews. The main thing is that I realized that finding a place with a good salary is perhaps even easier than a place with a good project. And if both were to happen, it’s just a matter of effort, but I want my next place to be exactly like this) And I’m also becoming more and more sure that I didn’t get into this profession by coincidence, but that I deserved it with my work and perseverance, although a certain degree of luck, especially at first, must certainly take place, and I am also very unlikely to change it... The total experience of “commercial development” in February will be two years, if you evaluate my level as is generally accepted, then I I would probably rate it as Strong Junior - Regular Middle, but such an assessment is also very subjective, but at least I definitely don’t consider myself Senior yet)) Perhaps you have already moved to California and are working for Facebook, Apple or Google? =) No, I haven’t moved)) And relocation has never interested me, be it Kharkov or Lviv, or Poland or America) I love Odessa, and I’m not going to move anywhere from here, and I think that here you can make good money as a developer... In general, more Once again, thank you to Javarash, and I sincerely wish everyone who believes in themselves to achieve their goal and I hope that my example will contribute to this. Yes, I repeat, this is actually not an easy path, no matter what anyone tells you, and probably very few of those who embark on it achieve their goal, BUT, many more are able to do this, just the majority are somewhere in the middle the path is not enough... motivation, desire, perseverance, faith in yourself and in your strengths, many come up with some more or less plausible excuses for themselves and no longer achieve their goals... So believe in yourself, don’t give up half way (short breaks of course don’t count =)) and you’ll succeed! As the ancient Greeks said, “It’s not the gods who burn the pots either” =) programmers are not born =) And finally, I’ll give perhaps one more piece of advice, for those who really want to get a job, the most direct route is INTERVIEWS , as someone once said at one of the IT event at which I found myself “ I have never met a person who went to 20 interviews and was not accepted anywhere ”) and how many interviews have YOU already gone to, huh?) I know that you can answer me:
  1. I'm not ready yet, I still need to learn (...
  2. But no one is calling me...
But these are all rotten excuses too! And I will answer this
  1. I got my first job (with a salary of $1100) after level 21! True, at that time I already had a little experience in GWT, Hibernate and Spring, from a “real project” on Javarash, now it’s called something like “Internship”. But they almost didn’t ask about this at social security... almost all the questions, as far as I remember, were about Java core and a little more SQL
  2. You're trying hard) And also register on LinkedIn, on, on Gina, wherever possible, track the latest vacancies, respond to them! “Knock and they will open for you,” flood all the IT offices in your city with letters with your resume, and you won’t have to wait long for an invitation to an interview. In general, there are also a lot of options here)
So the shortest course of action is this:
  • I finished 20-30 levels in Javarash, plus I learned at least a little more SQL, JDBC, if you also have the basics of Spring and Heber, then you’re completely in trouble)
  • I quickly wrote up a resume using examples, registered on specialized sites, posted it there, then bombarded all IT offices with spam with my resume, believe me, you won’t be left without feedback, many will simply write back saying that they will keep you in mind, and some will definitely invite you for an interview
  • hands on feet, and running on shaking knees for interviews
  • and remember that every interview, even if it fails, brings you significantly closer to your goal! Because at each next session you will feel much calmer, more confident and prepared than at the previous one. And 80% of the questions are asked almost everywhere the same)
That's it, bye everyone, thank you for your attention and good luck!)