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The motivation jar is empty.

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Friends, I greet you all.
A few months ago I started programming in Java using this resource.
There was more than enough motivation, I reached level 10, and there was even more motivation. I began to notice that it even began to become a habit (and this is much better than motivation). And now everything is gone.
I’ll tell you a little about my story so that you can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.
I am very restless, I constantly quit what I start halfway through. I graduated from a university in St. Petersburg with a degree in engineering, now I work in my specialty, in a good company the salary is at the level of 100 rubles, for today’s market this is really cool.
Now I'm 24 years old. Until that time, I had started learning various languages ​​many times, but it was all in vain - I gave up.
I started learning Java again for several reasons:
  1. An old friend said that it would be cool to do something together. It's easier to get lost together
  2. I have 3-4 ideas that can burn out and you can get rich on them
  3. I don't want to work for my uncle
  4. In addition, I am interested in stock trading and I am good at it, but I don’t have enough capital, and capital can again be obtained with the help of an idea
Now I have reached level 20 and the tasks are already complex, it has become very difficult and I can sit on a task for weeks, then I go to help or info and look for the right solution and see how people easily and without problems understand the terms of the tasks and solve them in a couple of lines Some tasks are when I sit on this for a week (for example) and the question arises: “Maybe I’m not made for the program?” If it’s so hard and tedious. And it’s really hard)
In addition, a friend who wanted to program something together fell off, he decided that until he fully learns java , he won’t even program simple ideas for problems, and now I’m alone, there’s no extra. motivation. - and it gnaws.

I don’t know what to do, I want to somehow make this task easier, this training, but it’s not working, now I’m stuck on level 20 tasks and they just don’t work and I can sit for hours and not understand what needs to be done. In order to somehow get the ball rolling, I start drawing diagrams of how the problem can be solved, sometimes it helps, and sometimes I’m “stupidly stupid.”

The most interesting thing, friends, I understand that I need this for life, because I want my own project, my own business and life for pleasure, and not from 9 to 6 for my uncle.

I’m not going to go to work for a company, I’m going to do something of my own, but I have no motivation and strength, I’m ready to give up.

Colleagues, friends, tell me how to regain my former zeal and motivation, I really hope that someone will help me. PS Sorry for the confusion, but I want to emerge victorious from the situation.