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Threats of longsidosis

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Most people who have a sedentary job receive an invisible attack on their health. The main danger lies in invisibility and this means there is no understanding of the connection between the pain that appears and the reasons for its occurrence. Threats of longsidosis - 1In my case, searching for the cause of the headaches took 9 months: I didn’t pay attention for the first months, then a long journey of examinations (in the compulsory medical insurance system, each examination outside the clinic is at least a month of waiting). I was preparing for serious problems, but it turned out that it was all about the muscles of the neck and upper back. The muscles were overstrained and against this background headaches and severe, prolonged pain appeared. I would never have thought it, but treatment in this direction gave results. Why this happened - from improper sitting at work + the duration and quality of breaks, which I did not notice. Threats of longsidosis - 2In addition to the sitting position at work, our body is also influenced, perhaps even more strongly influenced, by the duration of sitting and how to spend breaks. Therefore, now I see two weapons against health problems: 1. Posture, 2. Frequency of interruptions (once again I’d rather reach the person in the next office than write a letter or call), 3. I “stretch” the muscles of my back and neck a couple of times a day (in some nook + on a walk at lunch) Threats of longsidosis - 3In addition, what you can do without leaving your workplace is your eyes. There are a lot of exercises (even reminder apps) to relax your eyes. Threats of longsidosis - 4For some reason, a healthy lifestyle is associated with a fitness center, jogging, and some kind of martial arts, but if you think about it, our body is attacked by immobility, curvature of the back and neck, squeezing of blood flow in the legs, neck, and stomach from postures that are incorrect for the body. These attacks are equal to a working day, and then - often or always we go about our business, study (on JavaRush, for example), entertainment, games, also at the computer in the same cramped conditions for the body. Threats of longsidosis - 5Take care of yourself!