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Bookmarking: Spring, Spring Boot, and Spring MVC Frameworks - Articles, Lectures, and Videos

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For the convenience of CodeGym students, we decided to collect lectures and articles on the most important topics in programming. The ninth selection is about the Spring family of frameworks. In the mini-guide, we briefly outline the essence of the articles, and if you follow the link, you can learn more about the topic of interest. Add a collection to your bookmarks and return to it when you need to. Bookmark: Spring, Spring Boot and Spring MVC frameworks - articles, lectures and videos - 1

Articles and lectures

Spring is for the lazy. Fundamentals, basic concepts and examples with code. Part 1

In this two-part article, the author writes about the basic concepts of the Spring framework: what is Spring, beans, and context. We suggest you start learning the framework by reading this text. Moreover, the author provided it with code examples.

Spring is for the lazy. Fundamentals, basic concepts and examples with code. Part 2

The second part of the article deals with writing a trial project in Spring. If in the first part the author explained the theory, then in the second he decided to focus on practice.

What you need to know about Spring: history, key modules, comparison with Java EE

The article will talk about the history of the framework, key differences from the Java EE stack. The author also made a small overview of the key components of the Spring stack.

Introduction to Enterprise. What you need to know before learning Spring and JavaEE

The purpose of this series of articles is to give the student the minimum necessary theoretical knowledge for further study of JavaEE or Spring. All material is divided into 7 parts: network, client-server and three-tier architecture device, HTTP/HTTPS protocols, Maven, servlets and servlet containers, and MVC.

From Jun's summary: Spring Framework is a popular Java framework

An article that, in simple language with examples understandable to a 5-year-old child, talks about what the framework in general and Spring in particular are. If you are just starting to study the IT world, this text will help you understand it.

From Jun's resume: Spring Boot is a "magic" Java framework

The second article in a series about technologies worth learning for a beginner. Using simple examples, this text explains what Spring Boot is.

From Jun's Summary: Spring MVC - Java Design Pattern for Web Applications

If you have already figured out the Spring Framework and Spring Boot, it's time to learn Spring MVC. Spring MVC is a component or design pattern of the Spring Framework that allows you to develop web applications in Java using the Model-View-Controller architecture, which means that it will come in handy in your future work as a programmer.

Spring is not scary, or how to start a WEB server with Spring Boot in 5 minutes

Now that you've covered Spring Boot theory, it's time to put it into practice. The series of articles “Spring is not scary” will help with this. In short texts with code examples, the author talks about various situations in which Spring is used: working with databases, handling exceptions in controllers, connecting Lombok, and more.

spring framework. Introduction

The article is intended for those who have already worked with this framework in one way or another and are familiar with the basic concepts. The author considers how the framework works “under the hood”.

Introduction to Maven, Spring, MySQL, Hibernate and the first CRUD application (part 1)

The author talks about his first exposure to things like Maven, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and Tomcat while building a simple CRUD application. The article is intended primarily for those who have already passed 30-40 levels of CodeGym, but beyond pure Java for now didn’t get out and is just starting to go out into the open world with all the technologies, frameworks and other unfamiliar words.

How I Hosted a Spring-Boot Application on Heroku

The author of this text encountered problems during the application on the cloud. How he solved them, he shares in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Spring Boot

To Teach or Not to Teach Spring Boot? Definitely teach! In this review text, the author reveals the main advantages and disadvantages of using Spring Boot. But we have already read the article - the benefits turned out to be much greater. Follow the link and see for yourself.

We write a small application on spring-boot

This material is the final part of the "Introduction to Enterprise Development" series. Already from the name it is clear that we will talk about creating an application on Spring Boot. By opening the text, you will receive step-by-step instructions in order to launch the application yourself.

15 Essential Questions About Spring in a Technical Interview

Of course, you can simulate a future interview for a developer position on your own. But it is better to use ready-made questions and answers that have already been written and collected in this article.


Java Tech Talk: Hand-made Spring Boot Starter

Not a single new Java project is complete without the use of Spring Boot Starters. Using them allows you to save time on configuration and focus on designing the application and solving business problems. But sometimes there is a need to implement your own starter, since the existing ones do not provide the necessary functionality. In this video, the developer creates his starter from scratch.

Difference between Servlet, Spring MVC and Spring Boot

If you are confused about the universe of Java and Spring frameworks, we recommend watching this video. It explains the difference and how to use Spring Boot, Spring MVC and Servlet.

Practicing Java and Spring Boot

In the video tutorial, in live coding mode, the developer creates a Spring Boot application that will parse news on a schedule, store data in the database, display news using the REST API, and divide it all into layers for a scalable project architecture.

Java Spring Interview - Parsing Java Developer Interview Questions

The video has collected the most interesting questions that are asked at technical interviews for a Java developer. The video consists of two parts. The first one talks about Java Collections, Hash Code & Equals Contract, Functional interfaces, Stream API, Garbage collector, memory device, heap, concurrency. In the second part of the video you will learn about Spring: Spring Beans, Spring Data Repository, Annotations, Programmatic TM and Spring MVC. Bookmark: Spring, Spring Boot and Spring MVC frameworks - articles, lectures and videos - 2