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Digest of articles by students JavaRush #1 for February 17-19

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Friends! We are very pleased that you enthusiastically accepted our call to share knowledge with other students. Over the weekend and Monday, we received several interesting author's posts. Perhaps among their authors are the future winners of the contest ? Or maybe the winner is the one who has not yet decided to write a post, but is already reading these lines? Time will tell, but for now - the work of the first participants. Follow the links, read, comment, get inspired!
Digest of articles by students CodeGym #1 for February 17-19 - 1

1. Lambdas and streams, only practice, no theory

The very first post by Viktor Sergeev (St. Petersburg, CodeGym level 40) is a small practical lesson dedicated to lambda expressions (Java 8) and streams. It contains very sensible examples on both topics, links to useful articles on the theory of lambda expressions with examples (also, by the way, written by CodeGym student and our regular contributor Stas Pasynkov - highly recommended!) and a list of course tasks that help to understand these difficult streams.

2. Design patterns in Java

And Ivan Zaitsev from Kiev (level 32 of CodeGym) was not too lazy to write a short abstract article on design patterns in Java. It will be useful to those who are already in the subject for repetition and generalization. Or vice versa, for those who approached patterns for the first time - for the very first overview of the topic, before digging deeper. The article gives a short list of tasks of the CodeGym course in which you will encounter patterns.

3. Conquest of Spring Boot

A CodeGym student with the nickname Radolf also presented his first epic work . He is currently undergoing an internship and some time ago completed the introductory task. Accordingly, I decided to share my experience and tell you how it is to create a Spring Boot web application using the Thymeleaf template engine and query queries to the local MySQL server to filter incoming data.
Digest of articles by students CodeGym #1 for February 17-19 - 2

4. Hibernate for dummies. Review of the book "Java Persistence API and Hibernate"

One of the important nominations of our competition sounds like "Best Review of a Book on Programming". And the first candidate for the prize in this category is CodeGym student John Dorian (Ulyanovsk, level 36). He read the Russian edition of the book "Java Persistence API and Hibernate", intended for beginner Java programmers, and wrote a fairly detailed review of it. The author of the article gives clear recommendations on the necessary preliminary knowledge for mastering the book, and also describes its pros and cons.

5. General considerations

Danil Gordeev (35 CodeGym level) called his article modestly - "General Reasoning". So you won’t immediately understand what it’s about, but this is not a reason not to read the article: just read the subtitle, and everything becomes clear: “A small story about what IT looks like through the eyes of a Junior developer.” Four months ago, the author got a job as a "junior", and now describes the general structure of an IT company, and also shares his observations and gives some practical tips on technologies that any newbie needs to know. Also recently got a job and you have something to say? We'd love to read about it!

6. Annotations. Part one, a bit boring

Victor Sergeev from St. Petersburg (level 40 of CodeGym) , already familiar to us from the first time publication of a practical article, managed to write another article (and this is the first part, it makes sense to wait for the continuation! This time the post is devoted to annotations. According to the author, this part is boring. But maybe the author is being too hard on himself? Or is this topic too specific and impossible to talk about in a fun way? Or maybe you are very good at annotations and can write about them in a way that will take everyone's breath away? Than The more good articles, the better!

7. My story

Seventeen-year-old from Kiev Ivan Zaytsev (whose young age did not prevent him from reaching the 32 level of CodeGym) decided not to limit himself to one article (“ Design Patterns ”). Ivan got interested in Java thanks to his passion for Minecraft and his desire to create his own mods and plugins for this game. Well, what happened next - you will learn from the post (link - above).
Digest of articles by students CodeGym #1 for February 17-19 - 3

8. Professional problems of programmers

To be honest, you and I stare at glowing computer displays for 15-16 hours a day. With a break for sleep and the time it takes to run to another device (or remove it from your pocket). Artem Murk (level 35, Dnipro) wrote about an eye health problem that gets undeservedly little attention on programming sites. For today, that's all. Go to the groups of the CodeGym site , read posts, write comments, and if you are ripe, then articles. CodeGym team.
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