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Bookmarks: a selection of articles about programming books - reviews, overviews and useful lists

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For the convenience of JavaRush students, we decided to collect lectures and articles about the most important topics in programming. The seventh selection is about books on programming. In the mini-guide, we briefly outline the essence of the articles, and if you follow the link, you can learn more about the topic of interest. Add the collection to your bookmarks and return to it when needed. Bookmarks: a selection of articles about books on programming - reviews, surveys and useful lists - 1

Collections of books about development

Top 10 Programming Books for Beginners

In this article, the author has collected publications that will help a novice programmer gain that very IT erudition, understanding of future work, and also simplify the task of choosing the best solution. That is, get a job and perform as well as possible in it from the very beginning. The selection includes classic programming textbooks for students and reference books for programmers of all generations.

Top 10 Java Books for Beginners

A selection with a similar name, but with a slightly different list of books. According to the author, he spent quite a long time looking for his personal “best Java textbook for beginners.” The text contains several Java books that were useful to him to a greater or lesser extent at different stages of his studies.

Best Java EE Books

A valuable list of books if you are serious about learning Java EE well. You definitely can’t do without literature.

Learn PRO coding at home. The best programming tutorials

More and more free or almost free materials are being posted online, from which it is actually possible to learn programming to a level that allows you to find a job, and the training will not take that much time. The article presents the best programming tutorials of various types (from books to games and university courses), with the help of which you can not only acquire basic coding skills, but also master the knowledge and skills in programming, which are the prerogative of professionals.

What to read in 2020? A selection of the best new books for Java developers

The selection contains new (or not so new, but definitely worth reading) books about Java and related technologies that are worth reading. For example, the first one on this list is “ Java in the cloud.” Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Cloud Foundry ” is a very useful book about Java and cloud technologies that was published recently.

20 Best Java Books You Must Read in 2018

A large selection of literature about programming that will be useful for both beginners and experienced developers. The article lists books not only on Java, but also on soft skills, databases and various technologies.

Reviews and reviews of books on Java and other technologies

Basics of the Basics by Kay Horstmann

Review of the famous series "Java. A Professional's Library" by Kay Horstmann in two volumes. In the first volume of the series, the author explains the basics, from syntax to key OOP characteristics, from an overview of the collections library to multithreaded programming. Each chapter touches not only on general terms and principles of operation (for example, the reflection mechanism), but also clarifies some of the nuances. The second volume, Advanced Programming Tools, goes deeper on some topics. For example, the graphic execution library SWING. It also introduces the reader to a tool for working with collections—the library of data streams, or simply Streams.

“Growing Algorithms” or a Painless Introduction to Algorithms

A very detailed review of the book “Grocking Algorithms” by Aditya Bhargava. The author examines each section of the book step by step: whether the topic is presented in an accessible way, whether the information presented is sufficient. Read the review and decide whether to buy a book about algorithms.

Review of the book Head First Java

A short but useful review of the book Head First Java. “The book presents all the main topics sequentially. The explanations are simple and intelligible. The book is perfect for: learning Java from scratch and getting a general idea of ​​it; as a material used to understand (understand) a topic; to repeat topics the understanding of which has been lost,” writes the author. By the way, the author of the article mentions that Head First Java is good for use in conjunction with JavaRush. It gives additional (compared to JR's lectures) information on them.

Review of the book “Head First Design Patterns”

This book is one of the ten most popular on Stackoverflow, and for good reason. The ease of presentation, fundamental topic and high-quality examples make the book in demand for many years. The review describes the features, summary, advantages and disadvantages of the book.

Hibernate for dummies. Review of the book "Java Persistence API and Hibernate"

Without exaggeration, the book presented in the article can be called fundamental: it is the main guide to Hibernate among everything that has been written about this technology. This is explained quite easily, because among its authors are the founder of the Hibernate project, Gavin King, and a member of the Hibernate development team, Christian Bauer.

Book review: "Java Data Structures and Algorithms", Robert Laforet

This book is dedicated to the study and use of data structures and algorithms in programming. She will discuss how data structures determine the way data is organized in memory, and how algorithms perform various operations on these structures.